JiglibFlash & Away3D4.0 & Molehill

What an exciting day!Molehill has been published. All of us wait for this day for a long time. At the same time the new jiglibfalsh also released, thanks  Away3d team, we can work earlier with this great engine.

what’s new in this version

1, Performance optimization

2, Grid collision system, it’s run faster when there are a lot of rigid bodies.

3, Triangle mesh collision, this support any 3D model(in theory) as a static collision body.

4, Improved stacking bodies

See the demo

note: run this demo you need install the new Flash player Incubator.

you can find the source code from google code

7 thoughts on “JiglibFlash & Away3D4.0 & Molehill

  1. carBody.setupWheel(“WheelFL”, new Vector3D(13.21, 8.5, -5), 2, 2, 6, 3.4, 0.3, 0.3, 10);
    how do set the parameters of setupWheel method, it is error when i change the car mode,

  2. fp10下不能用JTriangleMesh吗?我创建了但是不能显示,也不能与其他刚体碰撞,求教

  3. I have a question regarding the trianglemesh. I have been trying to get it to work for me properly for awhile and failing. I have posted the code here on pastebin. In short it appears that only super huge objects actually collide most simply pass right through. Their is also delay. You can view the current state here. I would really love to know more about the triangle mesh class please give me advice. I have also been working on an equivalent experiment with threeJS you can find documentation on the issue here the threeJS demo is viewable here – Thanks in advance for any advice been stuck on this one for awhile.

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