My recently work – A Little Ninja Game

Little ninja is a unique innovative virtual character, using next generation physics based animation system to simulate character’s actions. You can play with the little ninja, fight with his little buddy, He will react by real and funny actions.

This is not only a game, but also a bipedal action simulator, I’ve developed this technology for a long time, I hope use this to create the more realistic computer virtual character and future create the real bipedal robot. If you like my work, subscribe to my youtube channel, I will keep update the progress.

Two demo:

Physics Based Fighting Game

My recently work is a 2d physics based fighting game that use unity3d as game engine. the main idea is use hinge joint connect each body, and compute target angle in every frame. add some AI control the character keep its balance. more details refer to this paper:

here is a rough demo

update a new demo